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It’s not just a number, I had been past that phase where I’m afraid of getting older, we all will. I’m no amywinehouse, no jimmorrison, no kurtcobainish, and I’m not living crazily but I ain’t married either, ain’t depressive, but ain’t happy. I didn’t filled up my life with all my dreams, I don’t have the best job in the world, and the life with all that travelling that I imagined. I got sense of reality, the thing that we thought we all had, but we didn’t. Not until you decide to become a real adult. What is that anyway? The most important thing for me is not take the capitalism down anymore. But bringing home the bacon it’s not my priority. Is this the part of life where we all get confuse? because I ain’t, but ain’t found anything that makes sense... This is a problem of all millennials? What a stupid name they found to call ppl that are in their 20’s and 30 something... Ppl don’t have children anymore, women are not obligated to marry the first guy they love, but …