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I’m away from my nest for so long that  I remember my family like if they were characters from a past life, a movie that I watched a long a go and substitute them for another movies through the years-  characters like friends from different places, different houses and cities I live in and all the people I met in the way. I remember my mom always cooking and cleaning, working and worrying about something. My father watching television and fighting to us, especially me for something that sometimes I wasn’t sure I had really done.
My two brothers one always on the streets or working and the other angry about something - after 9 years away from home I don’t know how much I know them and they know me. Part of this feeling of not belonging that makes me wonder through different places, jobs and groups of people is because I have created a protection against homesickness. My home is inside me, not out, not in other people’s heart.

Buenos Aires to tell

I've been in this country for exacly 18 days, and it feels like home, but it shouldn't. Being in another country is a mindchange experience